Longest River in the World

Longest river in the world - Nile River

Longest river in the world – Nile River

The longest river in the world is Nile River in Africa. It measures 4160 miles in length from the source to mouth. The river runs through countries Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, and Burundi. The source of Nile River is Lake Victoria, which is the biggest lake in Africa. Nile River is formed of 2 rivers – Blue Nile and White Nile. Blue Nile begins at Lake Tana in Ethiopia and White Nile starts at Lake Victoria. Flowing downward Nile River eventually meets the Mediterranean Sea. Nile River would flood every year starting in July until November. This flood helped Ancient Egyptians by washing away the rubbish and providing new and rich soil for farming. Ancient Egyptians predominantly depended on farming for their livelihood as they were close to the river and had easy access to water.

Attractions along the Longest River

Apart from sailing the Nile, which is the most excellent Egypt experience; river rafting, kayaking and jet boating are other fun river activities. Visit Nile River Cruise for more information.

Bent Pyramid

Bent Pyramid

Cairo and Luxor are two cities that are “must see” places. Cairo is an ancient city and the capital of Egypt – magnificent monuments, pyramids, gorgeous churches and temples are its top attractions. Dahshur, where you see unique pyramids like the bent pyramid and the red pyramid is surely worth a visit. Also worth visiting are the pyramids of Giza. The most popular one is Keops pyramid. It’s grand and nothing compares to the experience of seeing it in person. This is one of the Wonders of the World. Keops pyramid is also known as “The Great Pyramid of Giza”. Visit things to do in Cairo to know more about Cairo attractions.

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple

Luxor city is known for its open air museum and several other monuments and temples. Luxor temple, which is close to the Nile, is magnificent. The history of this temple is amazing. In spite of being built 3000 years ago the temple is in great condition. Other places worth visiting are Valley of the Kings, a primeval burial ground and Avenue of Sphinxes. Avenue of Sphinxes is a path between Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple that is lined with Sphinxes. Visit things to do in Luxor for more information about main attractions in Luxor city.


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