Longest Beach in the World

Beaches are among top tourism and relaxation attractions, especially during the summertime. Very often visiting a beach turns into a not too pleasant experience as a lot of the beaches are simply crowded and therefore you might find it impossible to relax by the seaside. However, some of the beaches in the world are very long which makes them particularly enjoyable for those who simply want to rest by the calm waters. Some of the longest beaches in the world are listed below.

5 Longest Beaches in the World

Praia do Cassino Beach – Longest Beach in the World

World record belongs to Praia do Cassino Beach in Brazil. It is 157 miles long and attracts its visitors with the white sand and warm temperatures. Sunbathing, beach volleyball or simply swimming is truly enjoyable there. Surfing, however, is number one activity at the Praia do Cassino.

Cox Bazar Beach – 2nd Longest

The second longest beach in the world is located in Bangladesh. It is 150 miles long Cox Bazar; locals also call it Panowa which means ‘yellow flower‘. Even though its one of the main tourist attractions in Bangladesh, it is still quite calm and definitely not crowded. The beach can be divided into three parts: Inani Beach which is particularly suitable for sunbathing; Humchari where you can find some really amazing waterfalls and Laboni Beach which is the main spot of Cox Bazar as it is located near the town.

Cox Bazar Beach, Bangladesh

Cox Bazar Beach, Bangladesh

Padre Beach – 3rd Longest

In Texas, you will find the Padre Beach which is known as one of the longest drivable beaches in the world. Padre beach is 130 miles long and it is possible to swim there almost for the whole year as the water comes from the Gulf Stream which makes it particularly warm. The north side of the beach is more appropriate for wild parties, whereas nature lovers should visit the southern side in order to see some preserved dunes and tides. This beach is also known for its sea turtle population, so do not forget to check that out too!

Padre Beach, Texas

Padre Beach, Texas

4th and 5th longest beaches can be found in Australia and New Zealand and both of them are called Ninety mile beaches so you can just guess how long they are. The beach in Australia has a wonderful and picturesque shore with nice coastal towns located by the seaside. The conditions there are quite rough so it is not the best beach for swimming activities. However, the wonderful view has made it into a popular object of photographers. The analogue of this beach, located in its neighboring country New Zealand, is not exactly 90 miles long as its length actually is 88 miles. It attracts its visitors with wonderful dunes that make it look like a desert thus creating a nice picturesque contrast with the water of the sea.

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