Largest City in India – Symbol of India

Largest city in India is Mumbai (Bombay). Mumbai is rich in culture, history, and most of all diversity. It’s never been one to fall into a particular mold. Always changing, being the first to set trends and is the seat of many a Bollywood dream come true.

Magic of Largest City in the India – Mumbai

Largest City in the World - Mumbai

Largest City in the World – Mumbai

The thing you have to worry about are the sheer crowds. They can be incredibly overwhelming sometimes. Other than that, and the traffic jams, Mumbai is a hot spot for all things superb. The nightlife is a stunner. DJs from all over the world perform their magic here and the party animals are quite modern. In a city steeped in tradition, you’d be shocked to see how vibrant and amazing the ‘western-style’ nightlife is here.

You can use the train to get to the metropolis, but that can be quite a crowded affair. Hiring taxis are great. Every airline available will take you to Chhatrapati Shivaji, the official name for Mumbai’s international airport. If you’re looking for sound what-to-pack suggestions, don’t forget ready cash. There are plenty of locations that take card, but some of the really fun zones will need you to use the regional currency.

The climate here is mostly moderate but there’s high humidity, meaning you’ll need moisturizers and of course the right hair products if you’re prone to frizz. The shopping scene is sensational. Everything that’s anything, national as well as international, can be found in Mumbai.

Head to the middle of Mumbai’s harbor and check out amazing Elephanta Island. It hosts several cave temples set in a labyrinth of rock, stone and antiquity. You’ll find some of the best temple carvings in all of India here, purportedly dating back to AD 450 and AD 750.

Then there’s the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This 104-sq-km has set up roost just within 90 minutes of the city. The animal and plant life is worth visiting. You can see them thrive in their natural habitats. Apart from leopards, and birds and butterflies of diverse species, check out the lion and tiger safari. It’s a thrill ride indeed. Then there are the Kanheri caves to witness too. The Park is a protected zone and makes for an ideal adventure.

Be sure to see the slums here, made famous by Danny Boyle’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. There’s a life-lesson just waiting to be learnt. When you hear of the mafia, you may think of Italy. Most people don’t know that the Bombay mafia is a very real organization. Being in a city they find cool enough to reside in is no small thing.

All in all, Mumbai affords you a wholesome Indian experience. The cuisine is beyond delicious and some of them are a spice-challenge in their own right. The sights mentioned above are but a handful of what this spectacular city has to offer you. There’s fun, frolic, joy and thrills awaiting the person heading to modern-day Mumbai.

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