Lake Turkana, Kenya

Listed in Great Lakes of Africa. Lake Turkana located in Kenya’s Rift Valley is the only salt water lake among all the Great Lakes. Its unique turquoise color gives it the name Jade Sea and as with most other salt lakes (such as the pink lakes and dead sea) the color is caused by a certain algae in the surface water. It has a total surface area of  6,405 (2,473 sq.miles). (photo credit)

Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana Wildlife

Area surrounding Lake Turkana is very dry because of the strong winds, year long sun and salt in the air, yet it supports many wildlife. You will find crocodiles, hippopotamus, scorpions, vipers and other desert animals. Highly recommend visiting the lake with a guide who will know safe spots and times of sudden storms.

If you are lucky you might see the rare turtle species that lives in the lake. Lake Turkana also has a fair number of fish species in the lake, though catching some is pretty tough. The lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lake Turcana Island

Lake Turcana Island


Lake Turkana is Dying

Though 3 rivers pour water into Lake Turkana with evaporation the only outflow, the water level has dropped since 1975. Now with the proposed dam in Ethiopia on Omo River its only a matter of time before the lake dries up.

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