Lake Toba, Indonesia

Ranked #7 in Indonesia tourismLake Toba, aside from being a lake, is also a supervolcano responsible for the largest ever eruption on Earth during the past 2 million years.

Lake Toba, Indonesia

Lake Toba, Indonesia (credit)

Lake Toba Trivia

More than 2500 cubic-kilometers of magma were shed, leading to the formation of Earth’s largest calderas in that region. At 100-kilometers in length, 30-kilometers in width and 505-meters in depth, Lake Toba in the northern part of Sumatra has even formed because the supervolcano it hides has been dormant ever since it’s last eruption, and nobody can tell when it might explode again, ushering in a plausible ice age on Earth or even a near-extinction of all life forms, including human beings.

Lake Toba - Another view

Lake Toba – Another view (credit)

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