Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park - Flamingos

Lake Nakuru National Park – Flamingos

Lake Nakuru National Park comprises of lush bushy grasslands and woodlands. It is an ideal spot to enjoy the awesome lake views, bird watching, picnicking and camping.

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How to get to Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru Park is located 140 kms north west of the capital city Nairobi in Kenya. The park can be accessed conveniently by road. There is a road connection between Nairobi and the park. Naishi airstrip serves the park for tourism. The park has well serviced roads, so most parts of the park can be accessed conveniently.

The park was created around Lake Nakuru in 1961. It covers more than 188 square kilometers. It is famous for millions of flamingos that nest along the shores. The shallow lake surface is not recognizable most of the times due to the large number of flamingos standing there. The park is renowned for its wide ecological diversity and unique habitats, ranging from ridges, lake waters to the escarpment. The lake water supports cyanophyte Spirulina platensis blooms in blue green color, from which the lake derives its color. The water plants are the main food source for the flamingo population.

The elevated areas of the park have dry forest with olive Olea hochstetteri and Acacia Xanthophloea. The park also features rocky hillsides that are filled with Trachonanthys scrub. Visit African safari tours for more information on tours in Africa.

Lake Nakuru National Park Wildlife

Rothschild Giraffe - Lake Nakuru National Park

Rothschild Giraffe – Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is the habitat of more than 300 species of birds, including Goliath heron, pelicans, hamerkop, African fish eagle and pied kingfisher, which make it a paradise for bird lovers. The Park is also a refuge of white rhinos, leopard, hippo, colobus monkey, leaf nosed bat, Grant’s gazelle, striped hyena, wild cat, bat eared fox and golden cat. The endangered Rothschild’s giraffe can also be spotted here. The Park is a home to large sized pythons, which usually reside in the dense woodlands. Sometimes, they can be seen crossing the roads or hanging from trees.

Attractions & Activities

The park has three main view points, which include out of Africa, Lion hill and Baboon cliff. You can see a beautiful waterfall named Makalia and hills like Lion hill ridge and Honeymoon hills here.

You can visit the part all year round. There are numerous accommodation options, from lodges, guesthouses to self catering accommodation. Public and special campsites are also available. Apart from bird watching and wildlife observation, you can enjoy camping and game viewing here.

Lake Nakuru National Park Safari & Tours

Park Contact Information
Contact Person:
Senior Warden
Direct Line +254 20-2671685



KWS Reservations:
Nakuru Tel: 254 20-2664071, 254 20-2664079 , 254 20-2671686
HQs Tel: +254-50-50407, 50290, 20284
Fax: +254-20-607024


Postal Address:
The Senior Warden,
Lake Nakuru National Park
PO Box 539,

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