La Quebrada, Mexico

La Quebrada, Mexico

La Quebrada, Mexico (credit)

Ranked #9 in Mexico Tourism

La Quebrada is known to be one of the most famous sites in Mexico and the most popular tourist attraction in Acapulco.

La Quebrada Cliff Diving

Jumping from the La Quebrada cliffs has become a tradition for the local men and boys who gather for the dive at 1.00 p.m. every day. This custom began in 1934 and the show of the amazing stunts performed by the locals has become the main attraction of Acapulco since then. There are two main hedges from which the divers jump off – 40 and 80 feet high. Watching the divers jump into the water is truly a breath-taking view. Watching at least one of La Quebrada shows is a must for every visitor of Acapulco.

La Quebrada Cliff Diver

La Quebrada Cliff Diver (credit)

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