La Boca, Argentina

Ranked #3 in Argentina tourism

La Boca is a small city in Argentina that has recently risen in popularity thanks to the appeal of its colorful houses lining up the streets and reputation for an off-beat destination. Soccer is the other reason La Boca, Argentina is famous among South Americans – the local Boca Juniors club is considered to the best in Argentina.

La Boca, Argentina - Colored houses

La Boca, Argentina – Colored houses

La Boca Attractions

Caminito – A street  that hosts a variety of arts and crafts created by the artists living in the Caminito area and around. Houses and buildings in the area have a “Little Italy” feel and are painted in an assortment of primary colors. You will find tango music buzzing in the cafes and many dancing to the tunes. The is also the Caminito Street Museum and the Wax Museum.

Caminito La Boca Argentina

Caminito La Boca Argentina

Tower of the Ghost – A house that was once occupied by a painter who killed himself. Located on West Villafañe this house is said to be haunted by his spirit and now a tourist attraction.

Port of La Boca – Another area where there are rows of colored houses along the street. Here you have the backdrop of the sea, boats and ships to add to the charm.

La BomboneraThe home stadium of the Boca Juniors that you must visit on a game day to witness the true spirit of soccer (football as it is mentioned in these parts of the world).

La Bombonera - Boca Juniors Stadium, La Boca Argentina

La Bombonera – Boca Juniors Stadium, La Boca Argentina

Banchero Pizzeria – Said to be the first pizza maker in Argentina, people flock from around the region to taste the goodies.

La Boca Tourist Safety

Tourists are a common target for thieves and burglars, so it is important that you take precaution as to where you go and who you keep company with. The touristy areas are safe enough, but moving just out of the designated area can land you in trouble.

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