Kora National Park in Tana River, Kenya

Kora National Park

Kora National Park

Kora National Park in Kenya is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. The park is home to numerous seasonal rivers, verdant swamp and grasslands and a range of wild animals.

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How to get to Kora National Park

Kora Park is located in Tana River district in Kenya. You can drive 280 kms from Nairobi to reach Kora by road. The park has two airstrips and one of them is used for reserve’s administration. Initially, the park was a natural reserve. It was converted into a national park in 1989.

The park encompasses more than 1700 km area. You can see rocky inselbergs in the park. The cracks and crevices in the inselbergs have been home to a wide variety of herbs, shrubs and small trees. The region receives rainfall irregularly. You can see thorny bush land in the north, open grasslands and wooded grasslands in the western side of the park. It is also home to dense riverine forests of raffia palm, Tana River Poplar and doum. Visit Best African Safaris for more information on safaris in Africa.

Kora National Park Wildlife

Lions in Kora National Park

Lions in Kora National Park

Kora National Park is the habitat of many wild animals, including lion, buffalo, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, oryx, gazelle, lesser kudu, leopard, elephant and rhino. Reptiles like cobra, python and puff adder can be spotted here. Kora is the abode of over 300 species of birds, which makes it a perfect place for birding enthusiasts. It is also home to more than 20 species of fish, 33 mollusks and 500 insect species.

Attractions & Activities

The diverse landscape of Kora Park is one of its main attractions. You can enjoy viewing inselbergs, pristine wilderness, Tana River, Grand falls, diverse birdlife and Kora rapids in the Park.

Kora national park is the best place to enjoy your holidays. You can do a range of activities like fishing in Tana River, rock climbing, game viewing, bird watching, wildlife observation and wilderness exploration. Camel safaris, boating, river rafting, camping and hiking can also be enjoyed here.

You can get stone and thatched cottages near the park, which offer comfortable accommodation. You can also enjoy international cuisine here. If you want to enjoy camping, you can find a public campsite, which is located 18 kms from the main gate. You can also get special campsites during seasons.  They should be booked in advance. The special campsites will be allocated along the seasonal rivers, which let you enjoy night wildlife and explore nature.

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Park Contact Information
Contact Person:
The Senior Warden

+254 20-2321696

Postal Address:
Meru National Park,
P.O. Box 11,
Maua, Kenya

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