Klaksvík In Faroe Island

Klaksvík is a town in Faroe Islands that most people have no reason to travel to. However, we found two things quite amusing for someone who travels to unique places. 

First  and foremost Klaksvík is a great getaway vacation spot. We recommend getting a hotel accommodation near the port. As you can see (in the picture below) the sight of the pyramid mountain on Kunoy island tower above the port is beyond words. For this reason Klaksvík is popular among painters, artists and writers who are on the lookout for a calm and quite place to let their imagination fly.

Klaksvík - View of Port, Faroe Island

Klaksvík – View of Port, Faroe Island

Second, its one place in the world where the who community gets together to hunt whales. Around August every year (though the dates could vary each year) the locals of Klaksvík, Faroe Island go hunting for Pilot Whales. In 2012, the most they hunted was on August 8th when a total of 196 were killed as reported by digitaljournal.

Klaksvík Whaling, Whale Hunting

Klaksvík Whaling, Whale Hunting

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