Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Ranked #3 in Netherlands Tourism

The Netherlands is often referred as The Kingdom of Flowers. Indeed, planting flowers, especially tulips, is one of the main businesses in Holland. In order to explore the diversity of the flora that is being grown there, visiting Keukenhof Gardens is a must.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands (credit)

Keukenhof Gardens Trivia

People like to say that Keukenhof is the Garden of Europe. Approximately 7 million flowers are planted in the garden every year, covering an  area of 32 hectares. It is believed that you need about 5 hours in order to walk around all the territory of the park. Although the park is open to the public in the spring for nine weeks only, more than 750 000 visitors still manage to visit the site every year. The flowers are planted in various colors and create wonderful patterns thus visiting Keukenhof is truly a visual pleasure. Flower bulbs can be also purchased in the Keukenhof Gardens.

Dutch Tulips - Keukenhof Gardens

Dutch Tulips – Keukenhof Gardens (credit)


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