Kenyan People

Swahili and English are the two official languages for the Kenyan people, but there are over sixty languages spoken in the country. The people of Kenya, located in Africa, have Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Muslims as the top three religions. There are a percentage of other beliefs throughout as well, including those passed down through their tribal ancestors. But even though a stated religion is believed, it would not be uncommon for some to have faith in their ancestors and their spirits.

Kenyan People

Kenyan People (credit)

There are a large amount of tribes in Kenya – Bantu, Nilotic, and Hamitic are the three main groups of people. Beyond each of those three stems even smaller tribes such as Turkana, Luo, Kambo, El Molo, Kikuyu, and Meru just to name a few.

Not exclusive to Kenyans, but Kenyan people do revere their elders and their ancestors to a very high degree. Showing that type of respect to one’s ancestors speaks volumes to those around, whether it is immediate or extended family or to the tribe.

The Kenyan people enjoy music, but it has been somewhat tainted from non-African influences, so it’s a mixture of African, American, and Indian. A popular genre of music that Kanyan people enjoy is called Benga, which fuses the tribal sound of the African drum to electric sounds.


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