Kebili, Tunisia

Ranked #4 in Hottest place on Earth. In Kebili, Tunisia the hottest temperature recorded  is 55 degree Celsius (130 Fahrenheit). The earliest evidence of human settlements in Tunisia which goes back 200,000 years are seen in Kebili. Much like other African countries these settlers were nomads followed by people in the Roman empire once Kebili came under its rule.

Kebili Tourism

Tunisia is using the Kelibi region to promote tourism in the country. Douz is the town that is being promoted. Every year the  International Festival of the Sahara is held here in November or December (which are winter months). Festival events include  traditional music and dancing, camel fights (which is popular in Turkey), and horse racing in the desert. Yadis Oasis in Kebili is a good place to stay if you planning to visit.

Kebili, Tourism - Festival of Sahara

Kebili, Tourism – Festival of Sahara

Kebili, Tunisia

Kebili, Tunisia



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