Kasane, Botswana

Kasane is a town in Botswana that has gained international reputation after the remarriage of Elizabeth Taylor in 1975. Located conveniently at the place where four countries- Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe meet, the town attracts tourists from all over the world with its natural landscapes and numerous points of interest.

Things to do in Kasane

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

Kasane has many campsites and lodges, which offer day trips to Chobe National Park and boat trips to the Chobe River. The Reptiles Park in Kasane is the only real attraction of the town. An immense baobab tree located behind the Kasane police station is another attraction. It has a big hollow, which was once used by British administrators as a prison.

Kasane is the main base for tips to Chobe National Park. It serves as northern entrance to the Park. The Park has one of the largest game concentrations in Africa. In the Serondela area of the park, there is a main watering spot for giraffes, cape buffaloes and large breeding herds of elephants. You can also see a wide range of birds, including spoonbills, stork species, ducks and ibis.

Kazungula Snake Park

Kazungula Snake Park

Kazungula Snake Park located just 8 kms from Kasane is home to 17 species of snakes, ranging from harmless brown house snake to venomous black mamba. The Crocodile farm located in Kazungula village is around 12kms from Kasane. You can find experienced crocodile handlers in the farm, who can provide plenty of useful information about the Nile crocodile.

Kasane Hot Springs is located in between Kasane and Kazungula. The warm and salty water of the springs is believed to have medicinal powers.

Boat cruises are available from the town to Chobe River. Boat cruising in the river offers a range of excellent game viewing opportunities. You can view large number of elephants. Many tourists plan a day trip to Victoria Falls, which is approximately 80 kilometers from Kasane. The town is home to many shopping malls and art and craft shops.

Some of the lodges and campsites in Kasane have restaurants that serve flu breakfast, lunch and dinner for reasonable prices. You can find an array of amenities like pool, private terraces, and showers and so on. Staying in any of these lodges or campsites will offer you a real wilderness experience.

How to get to Kasane

There are direct flight services between Johannesburg in South Africa and Kasane. You can also reach the town by bus from Nata in Botswana.

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