Kadoma, Zimbabwe

Kadoma is a popular mining city in Zimbabwe. Nickel, gold and copper are the top extracts. The city is about 166kms away from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and interestingly called Gatooma till 1982.

Kadoma Market

Kadoma Market

Kadoma’s Appeal

One of the drawbacks of Africa has been the hot and humid climate, especially for tourists coming from the west. However, Kadoma is one of the few places that compared to most of the neighboring regions, has pleasant weather. The Cam and Motor Mine is the largest in Zimbabwe and has turned into a sort of a landmark. Kadoma is well developed as compared to other cities in the country. This is mainly because leading brands and banks have their offices stationed in here. The region is also very well known for the low rate of crime which again attracts travelers.


You can also enjoy jungle safari in the outskirts of Kadoma. This is certainly a treat for travelers who are looking for something adventurous. The safari will take you deep into the forest and make you witness wild life at its best. Do not be surprised if you pass by a bunch of lions sitting and relaxing under the blazing sun.

Local Market

The local market of Kadoma offers a real taste of Africa. You can shop for some of the best African artwork at this market. There is also plenty of food stalls that serve authentic African food. You can simply relish different recipes, especially if you are fond of meat. The local market is always full of entertainment. As is the tradition and culture of Africa, you will notice music being played in the market and people dancing to it.

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