Kadampuzha Devi Temple, Kerala

kadampuzha Devi Temple Kerala

kadampuzha Devi Temple Kerala

Kadampuzha Devi Temple is in Malapuram district  Kerala. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Durga in her roudra bhava(very furious form). The Goddess is supposed to be very powerful. The temple is about 1900 years old.

Legend of Kadampuzha

The legend says that Adi Sankara while passing through Kadampuzha could not move further at a particular place. Through his divine power he could feel the presence of Devi Parvathi. Adi Sankara prayed to her, blessing him the Goddess disappeared into a hole in the ground. It is believed the temple is built around that area.

Another legend is Lord Siva in the form of a hunter(kirath) competed with Arjuna to kill a devil who had taken the form of a boar and Arjuna was defeated. This was to test his devotee Arjuna before blessing him with Pasupathasthram ( a sacred arrow name pasupatham) to kill Durodhana. Depressed by the defeat he prayed to a stone assuming as Devi Parasakthi. The flowers he offered were falling on the feet of the hunter and Devi. Both were impressed and Arjuna was blessed with the arrow and the place became known as Kadampuzha.

The temple’s auspicious days are Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Annadanam (food offering) is done daily in the temple..

Kadampuzha Temple Poojas

The two main rituals or offerings done for Kadampuzha Devi are;

Outside view of Kadampuzha temple

Outside view of Kadampuzha temple

Poomoodal (covering with heap of flowers). ‘Thechi’ flowers ( Ixora coccinea) are used for this offering. Advance booking is necessary for this offering. It is understood that there is no date to book to perform this offering till the year 2020.

Muttarukkal or Muttu Neekkal ( removing obstacles) is breaking of coconuts by the pandit (priest). This offering is done to get rid of all the obstacles in the life of devotee. If the coconut offered breaks in exact 2 pieces, it is considered that Devi has blessed you if not fresh coconut is offered until it breaks properly. Every year thousands of devotees come from far to seek the blessing of Kadampuzha Devi.

These offerings are done in the morning from 9am to 11am.

  • In the Malayalam month Vrishchikam (November- December) the day Karthika (Malayalam star) is very auspicious and is celebrated grandly.
  • The temple timing is from 6 Am to 12 Noon and in the evening from 5pm to 7pm.
  • The Madambiyar Temple is located very near to Kadampuzha Devi Temple. The deity is Lord Siva is Kirat Moorthy (form of hunter).

How to reach Kadampuzha Temple

  • Nearest Airport is Kozhikode Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station is Kuttipuram and Tirur which about 18 km from the temple.
  • There are bus service from Guruvayur, Kozhikode, Manjeri, Palakkad and other major cities.

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