Jungfrau, Switzerland

Ranked #2 in Switzerland Tourism

For many years Switzerland has been acknowledged as a top-destination for winter tourists and it has gained lots of popularity due to the diverse winter activities  (skiing and many others) that are possible to enjoy. Probably the most famous peak in the country is Jungfrau and it is so known because of its resplendent and also rather symbolic view of the Swiss Alps.

Jungfrau, Switzerland

Jungfrau, Switzerland (credit)

Jungfrau Mountain

The word “Jungfrau” literally means “a virgin” but no matter what the actual story behind this name is, indeed, once you see the mountain, it is hard to get rid of the feeling that you are gazing at something truly precious, something rare, untouched and unbelievably beautiful. As for the tourists, it is worth knowing that the infrastructure there is particularly suited for the visitors. There are more than 100 hotels and restaurants located nearby; special hiking trails have been established so the guests could have the best possible enjoyment and best possible views of the site.

Jungfrau - Skiing

Jungfrau – Skiing (credit)


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