Jinka, Ethiopia

South Omo Museum, Jinka

South Omo Museum, Jinka

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Jinka is a town in Ethiopia. It is the capital of Debub Omo Zone in Ethiopian Southern Nations.

Jinka Attractions

South Omo Museum funded by German is located in Jinka. You can find an array of collections that offer an interesting overview of the unique culture of the ethnic groups in South Omo. Clothing, ornaments, household items and musical instruments are the items displayed in the museum. You can also view ethnographic movies about South Omo, explore the local library and listen to the local music to get to know more about the ethnic groups.

Mago National Park is a nearby attraction. It is 40 km away from Jinka. Rivers, Riverine forests, wetlands, grasslands and Lake Dipa are the major environments in and around the National park. The region is the habitat of ethnic groups like Aari, Kwegu, Mursi, Karo and Hamer. The major attraction of this park is the Mursi people, who pierce their lips and insert clay disks in the holes.

Waterbuck at Mago National Park

Waterbuck at Mago National Park

Mago National Park is home to various species of indigenous birds. You can spot the rare Turdoides Tenebrous here, especially near Lake Dipa. The park area comprises mainly of open grasslands. Omo, Neri and Mago are the main tree species grown here. You need your own vehicle to reach the park. The roads to the park are unpaved, which make it somewhat uncomfortable to reach. You need to pay 70 birr to enter the park. Some 100 birr will be charged for taking the car.

Jinka is a safe place. You can enjoy walking around the town and watch the locals. Saturday is the market day in the town. If you happen to visit the town on Saturday, you can see people playing ping pong and kicking soccer ball. You can also view locals selling various things.

The road to Jinka offers various sightseeing opportunities. Apart from the natural surroundings, you can spot many colorful birds, baboons, camels, donkeys and goat. You can come across the tribes who sell hand made things. The Ethiopian people wear various types of clothing. Some of them wear wrap around blankets, while some others wear leather clothing. The climate of the region is very dry and hot, so it difficult to visit the place in summer.

How to get to Jinka

Jinka is located in the hills of Tama Plains. You can reach Jinka by bus from the capital city of Addis Ababa. Read more about Addis Ababa attractions here.

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