Japanese People

Japanese people are friendly and kind people but if you keep the small simple things in mind, you most definitely will gain the mutual respect and have the best experience.

Japanese People

Japanese People (credit)

As for an average tourist from West, Japan most probably is rather unusual yet an exciting destination. The same can be said about Japanese people - their culture, behavior and beliefs. Some of the things they do and stick to during their everyday routine might seem a bit different, yet it is particularly important to understand the background of it all and respect it when communicating with Japanese people no matter what the situation is – either you are a tourist or a business partner. At least basic understanding is important in every case if you want to have the best possible connection with Japanese people.

Firstly, the ranking amongst people is very relevant in Japan. There are many great examples but perhaps the best way to observe it is during a simple greeting. Japanese people are not so fond of handshaking, they will prefer bowing. Again, as for a foreigner it can be quite tricky, since you have to know if you have a person of a higher rank or someone who is older than you, standing in front of you. Make sure you make a deeper bow than he or she does to you. Secondly, you have to be aware of the fact that Japanese people are very into group work and it can be seen both in job and informal situations. Again – do not try to come up with your individual point of view, you might not be understood that well. Japanese are known to be very hard-working and punctual. They will not cope with those who are late, yet they will not express their disappointment in rude or aggressive way.


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