Italian People

When people think of Italy or the Italian people, food is a synonym that will immediately come to mind. Tomato-based dishes such as pizza and spaghetti were originated in Italy, and those two are just a spec on the radar of the many wonderful foods that the Italians make.

Italian People

Italian People (credit)

Italian people are big on family and enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie with those that they love. They are known for eating but also for talking a great deal. If you were to walk around Italy, no doubt you would find many people not only talking, but talking with gestures and exuberance. Italian people are very expressive. One place where many Italians can be found is at any local piazza which brings together large crowds of people. A piazza can hold a mall, offices, clubs, practically anything. But at a piazza, the most important aspect is the people congregating and living firsthand with the Italian life is all about – even something as small as encouraging a little child pedaling his tricycle. Italian people are very supportive.

Most of Italy is occupied by Roman Catholics and although many Italian people may not attend church on a consistent basis, most of them will attend for a wedding, funeral, or baptism.


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