Indian People

With the large number of inhabitants, India and Indian people have always stood out with their culture, traditions and everyday rituals. Some people may not know it but Indians are actually more diverse than we think – they can be divided in six main ethnic groups (but it does not mean that there are not any others): Mongoloids, Negritos, Dravidians, Austrics, Nordic Arayans and Western Brachycephals. The history of how each of these people arrived in India are different and some specific characteristics among them can be seen even visually.

Indian People

Indian People (credit)

As a tourist in India you will certainly meet the social inequality related to wealth and power. However, mainly you will meet people that are jovial despite the financial status and all the trouble. Even though the country is yet developing and, in fact, becoming even more modern and oriented towards western values, the caste system is still working meaning that there are hundreds of thousands of people, who have very small chance to get out of the lower caste and change their well-being. India is also a very masculine country, which means that there are quite noticeable differences and values of both genders.

Indian people do not show their affection publicly and they highly appreciate their personal space. While meeting them, never touch a head of an Indian, this part of the body for Indian people is the most sacred one and they will start to feel unsafe around you. However, if you respect their private space, religion and traditions, Indian people will turn out as helpful people willing to get to know your culture and at the same time expressing their own lifestyles and teaching you some new knowledge. So, just take all this into account and your experience in India will be great and even more memorable.


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