Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel, Sweden (credit)

Making headline news when it first got started in 1989 and still one of the most attractive locations on the globe, Ice Hotel - this amazing spot 200 kms North of the Arctic Circle, in the little town of Jukkasjärvi is as unique as it is awesome.

Ice Hotel Sweden Attractions

Inside you’ll find superb works of art and an overall winter-fairytale kind of setting, both of which combined with fine dining, delish drinks at the Ice Bar and incredible entertainment features make the Ice Hotel one of Sweden’s must-see zones in the Lapland region. Every year the hotel sees a rebuilding process, with competent professionals coming to use ice from the nearby Torne River to remake a lot of things the past year took away.

Ice Hotel Suite

Ice Hotel Suite (credit)

Ice Bed

Ice Bed (credit)

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