HorseShoe Bend – A Lesson In Humility

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Though it doesn’t exactly sound like a tourist spot, you’ll soon find just how wrong you are. HorseShoe Bend is a stunning location in the Grand Canyon where adventure is the name of the game. You’ll find it about 5 miles south of the city of Page in Arizona State. If you’re still lost, seek out highway marker 545 on U.S. HWY 89. The Bend is just south of that place.

HorseShoe Bend AZ

What makes HorseShoe Bend so amazing? About 1,000 feet below, on the canyon floor, you can’t help but admire the mighty Colorado River making a dramatic 270-degree bend. The glacial blue water looks superb against the pinkish-red stone and it forms a, well, horseshoe shape.

HorseShoe Bend Hike

What to pack? Plenty of water and granola bars are a great choice. Hiking and/or camping gear aren’t to be forgotten. Then there’s sunscreen for those having sensitive skin. And sturdy but comfortable shoes.

Just one look at the place and you can be sure that hiking won’t be far out of the equation. If you want to walk around the rim, fine, it’ll take one hour to do so and the sights will stun you. This is one of the reasons why you must take photos of everything. You never know what geographical feature you can capture and in some of their best angles too.

You’ll agree with all the things you were suggested to pack earlier. Arizona has an arid clime and it isn’t very kind on the sweat glands. Apart from that, and if you’ve packed all the needed stuff, you can turn your attention to a great hiking experience.

And, as for those photo-taking chances mentioned earlier too, learn up on your facts. Like how HorseShoe Bend mostly faces West. This is when you stand on the cliff’s edge and look out. Most professional photographers already know where this sentence is going. Sunsets on the Bend will be a thing of such divine beauty.

In contrast, don’t wait for the shadows to pass. If you find a lot of shadow in certain areas, snap away at your camera. They can add so much grandeur, mystery and sensationalism to your shot. Some people are unaware that HorseShoe Bend is set in the infamous Grand Canyon area. This means you can branch out from here to other amazing locations hereabouts.

All in all, the HorseShoe Bend in Arizona is one of the stars of the region. It’ll give you a feeling of such insignificance in Nature’s eyes. Wait, don’t be offended. It’s only when you feel this small will you sense respect for the beauty, elegance and might of the planet you’re living on.

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