Hillier Lake, Australia

Hillier Lake in Australia is ranked #4 in pink lakes of the world by size & Largest pink lake in the world is Lake Retba in Senegal. Lake Hillier measures 600 metres x 250 meter and is located in the Recherche Archipelago (a group of of 100+ islands  off the southern coast of Western Australia). Interestingly, despite the smaller size “Hillier Lake is the 2nd most popular pink lake in the world”. 

Hillier Lake, Australia

Hillier Lake, Australia

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Why Hillier Lake is Pink?

While the color of other pink lakes such as Retba, Pink lake in Australia, Hutt Lagoon have all been determined, Hillier Lake color is still debated. While some say it is the result of pigment produced by an algae similar to the ones found in other lakes, others say Hillier Lake’s color is the result of sunlight interacting with salt water and a reacting with bacteria in the water. The debate goes on.

Hillier Lake Discovery

Records indicate that Hillier Lake was first spotted by Captain Flinders in 1805 when exploring the islands in Recherche Archipelago. Intrigued by the stark pink color of the lake the expedition reached Hillier Lake soon enough. They collected the water as specimen to prove the existence of such a unique phenomenon.

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