Highest Waterfall in the World

Among other wonders of nature waterfalls have always been admired because of their magnificence and stunning beauty. With their enormous amounts of water falling down every second, waterfalls have become in a way a symbol of a rich and fertile land. Some of the waterfalls are especially notable because of their amazing heights so let us take a look at 5 highest waterfalls in the World!

5 Highest Waterfalls in the World

Angel Falls, Venezuela - Highest Waterfall in the World

Angel Falls, Venezuela – Highest Waterfall in the World

#1. The Angel Falls in Venezuela (Salto Angel in Spanish, meaning the waterfall of the deepest place) is world’s number one. Dropping 979 m over the edge of Auyantepui Mountain it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The waterfalls got its name because of James Angel – an American pilot who did several flights over the waterfalls in the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays the Angel Falls are one of main tourist attractions in Venezuela even if the trip to them is not the easiest one. Read more about Angel Falls here.

#2. With the height of 948 meters, the Tugela Falls in KwaZulu province, South Africa are the second tallest waterfall in the world and the highest in Africa. Located in the Drakensberg, these falls, luckily, are quite visible from the main road in case of a heavy rain. They are accessible to the visitors as there are two trails leading to the falls.

Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls

#3 and #4 of our chart can both be found in Norway. Utigord falls in Nesdalen are 800 meters tall and are fed by the Jostedal glacier and this picturesque site is open to the visitors as there are many options of getting there. You can either take a boat or a sea plane or just drive the road. Near the foot of the falls a campsite is located. Another falls of Norway, Monge falls, are an unofficial number four among world’s highest waterfalls. Although its height is still a matter of discussions, it is believed that Mongefoss is approx. 773 meters tall. Unfortunately, these falls, like many other great ones in Norway, are used for hydroelectric power.

Catarata del Gocta in Peru

Catarata del Gocta in Peru

#5 tallest waterfall in the world is not only a stunning site. It has also quite interesting history. Catarata del Gocta in Peru has always been known to the locals of Chachapoias province in Amazone, its existence was realized by the Western public only few years ago when a group of Peruvian explorers discovered it in 2005. Although these 771 meters high falls were very visible from the nearby village, the villagers were afraid of revealing it to the public due to a legend of a blond mermaid who is protecting the falls. After the discovery, the government soon announced that the area of the falls would be turned into a tourist attraction. A small hotel has been built nearby and tourists can hike to the base of the falls either by a horse or feet.

Unlike structures made by humans, waterfalls and their power cannot be damaged or destroyed that easily. Some of them are larger, some are not that great in the size, yet all of them should be appreciated as scenic and valuable sites created by nature.

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