Highest Mountain in the World List

Though technical discussions regarding the highest mountain in the world, can point to the volcanic sister mountains of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa (since most of their height is under the sea); here the choice is made based on the climbing height for adventure travelers.  So we move to the towering mountain ranges of Himalayas in Asia. This is only for those who desire an uphill expedition.

Adventure – 6 Highest Mountains in the World

1. Mount Everest (29,029 ft) -The highest mountain in the world

Highest Mountain in the World

Highest Mountain in the World – Mount Everest

Mount Everest,  is located in the Himalayas. Once considered too tall and dangerous to climb, the summit was first reached by Tenzing and Hillary. Today many expeditions are arranged every year, though most people venture only till the Everest Base Camp. Planning a climb? Visit Tallest Mountain in the World – Mount Everest Guide for more information.

2. K2 (28,251 ft)

K2 is the second highest in the world and has Mount Everest as its parent mountain. Mountaineers  have the choice of climbing from the Pakistani side or the Chinese side, the latter being more dangerous. Often called the Savage Mountain for the high mortality rate of climbers, for every 4 people who climbed 1 died. Nobody has ever climbed K2 in the winter because of the dangerous climb.

3. Kangchenjunga (28,169 ft)

Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world, and part of the Himalayas. An interesting fact is that Kangchenjunga was considered the highest mountain until 1849, when the title was returned to Mount Everest. The foothills of the mountain is surrounded by many wildlife sanctuaries of Nepal, Bhutan and India. Another interesting trivia is the association of the Yeti (the equivalent of a snowman)  residing in the mountains.

4. Lhotse (27,940 ft)

Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain in the world and the closest to mount Everest. The South side of Lhotse is quite steep. It rises 3.2 km in only 2.25 km of horizontal distance –  the steepest of its size. Lhotse is connected to Mount Everest via the South Col. The first successful ascent to the summit was made in 1956.

5. Makalu (27,838 ft)


Barun Valley View

Makalu with its peaks shaped in the form of a four sided pyramid is the fifth highest mountain peak in the world. It has two notable peaks namely; Kangchungtse, or Makalu II. Another tough mountain to climb in winter. It was only in  February 9, 2009 that it was climbed in winter. On the way to the top is Barun Valley  where high waterfalls merge into deep gorges and lush green forests interlace with rocky mountains.

6. Cho Oyu (26,864 ft)

Located on the Tibet-Nepal border, Cho Oyu is considered the easiest 8,000 metre peak to climb and for that reason is popular among tourists for guided tours. The first ascent to the peak was made in October 19, 1954 by Herbert Tichy, Joseph Jöchler and Sherpa Pasang Dawa Lama.

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