Hells Gate National Park – A Small National Park in Kenya

Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate National Park

Hells Gate National Park is a perfect destination to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. The stunning scenery, rich wildlife and rock climbing sites make this park a popular tourist spot in Kenya.

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How to get to Hells Gate National Park

Located in the beautiful environs of Lake Naivasha around 90 kms from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, Hells Gate Park is renowned for its diverse topography and breathtaking scenery. You can easily access the park by road from Nairobi via Naivasha town. You can also reach the park by air. The Park has one airstrip. You can visit the park at anytime of the year.

Hells Gate National Park encompasses an area of 26 square miles. It is home to two extinct volcanoes, named Hobley and Olkaria. The red cliffs in the park contain volcanic plugs. You can also find hot springs, so you can find rocks at some places of the park that will burn you. Visit African safari tours for more information on tours in Africa.

Hells Gate National Park Wildlife

Warthog in Hells Gate National Park

Warthog in Hells Gate National Park

The close proximity to the capital city and low park fees make Hells Gate a popular tourist spot. It is a habitat of a wide variety of wildlife in the park. You can spot Cheetahs, Lions, Warthog and Leopards here. It is the home of endangered Lammergeyer vultures. More than 100 species of birds, including Verreaux’s eagles, vultures, swifts and Augur Buzzard live in the park. You can also see African buffaloes, Thomson’s gazelle, baboons, hyena, zebra, hartebeest and eland in the park. Hells Gate is the abode of antelopes, Klipspringer and Chanler’s mountain reedbuck.

Attractions & Activities

Baboon in Hells Gate National Park

Baboon in Hells Gate National Park

You can enjoy a range of activities in the park, including walking, cycling, hiking and game viewing. Bird watching and wildlife viewing are some of the best activities for nature lovers. The park has many nature trails, tourist circuits and picnic sites. Raptor nesting in cliffs, basalt columns and gorgers are some of the key attractions of the park. Fischer’s Tower is one of the major rock climbing sites in the park. Lake Naivasha offers a range of opportunities to explore the park. You can hire a bike from Lake Naivasha or a private vehicle from Lake Naivasha.

Though there are no accommodation options available in the park, you can find various options in nearby Naivasha. Camping sites are available, which allow you to enjoy an exciting nightlife. Boating on Lake Naivasha can offer an excellent experience and some of the most spectacular views.

Hells Gate National Park Safari & Tours

Park Contact Information
+254 20-2433037
+254-50-50407 / 50290

Tourism +254 720 109776

Customer care +254 729933932



Postal Address:
Hell’s Gate National Park
P.O. Box 234-20117
Naivasha, Kenya

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