Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare is the largest city in Zimbabwe and is the capital of Zimbabwe. It was once called Salisbury, around the time it was being developed (around 1890) by the British. Harare is today the cultural and economic center of the country. This means you get to see and enjoy a lot of things when you arrive.

Harare - Lake Chivero

Harare – Lake Chivero

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Harare Attractions

There’s simply no way you can come all the way to Zimbabwe and not appreciate the wildlife, especially the big cats thriving inside the lion and cheetah park. Divided into three sections, you need to take your time here. Take a drive around the lion enclosure and catch both the kings of the African Savannah and their lionesses up close.

In the main section of the park you’ll find a wealth of animals, from cheetahs, crocodiles and lion cubs (kept aside until they’ve been prepared to return to their mothers) to black-backed jackals, civets, ostriches, peacocks, servals, a tortoise going on 300 and more lions. The last section houses Game, from blesbok and eland to impala, wildebeest and zebra. Now that’s a fun time, if ever there was one.

Lake Chivero Harare

Lake Chivero is a vision of sultry yet magnificent beauty and to go fishing, sailing or jet skiing on it is sure to take you into a world of unprecedented joy. Harare Safari Lodge caters to giving you such sublime opportunities, so be sure to make the most of them.

Lake Chivero - Harare

Lake Chivero – Harare

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The Mukuvisi Woodlands is the Harare-branch of the Wildlife Society of Zimbabwe so you can expect the best indeed and have those expectations met. Go natural and take a horse ride through the open wilds and see the fauna up close that way. There’s 110 hectares of Game Park to enjoy. If you feel a short walk will do you good, take it by all means. There’s a bookstore, one for curios and one for camp equipment, so your time here will be well supplied for.

The Ruwa Sculpture Gallery is a lesson in stonework art. You’ll find these galleries in multiple places like Shona sculpture Stand on 18135 Griffin Road, Msasa.Nhukutuku Sculpture Village, and Chapungu Sculpture Park on Harrow Road.

Let’s not forget golf. There are plenty of courses here for you to enjoy. There are options for adults and putting ranges for kids, so the whole family can have fun golfing. If the landscape is anything to go by, the courses here in Harare are splendid vistas of golf-worthy beauty.

30 kms from Harare you’ll find the Mountain of Drums (Ngomakurira) where parties are a blend of both traditional and modern music, so get ready to socialize. The National Heroes Acre is a place where you’ll see a commemoration laid to honor those who fell fighting for Zimbabwe. There’s a museum hereabouts too.

As you can imagine Harare is indeed a zone of rich experiences. You won’t leave the same, if you ever feel like leaving at all. Simply knowing the heart this city possesses will lead you to hear its beat and it sounds amazing.

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