Hague, Netherlands

Ranked #5 in Netherlands Tourism

Situated in the north Holland, Hague is the political center of the country where the seat of the Dutch parliament is situated. Because of the many international law institutions established in The Hague, it is often referred as the judicial capital of the world. This has made the city rather different from the other cities in Holland.

Hague, Netherlands

Hague, Netherlands (credit)

Hague Netherlands Attractions

Unlike Amsterdam, you won’t see any large tourist crowds there since most of the people are actually the employees in the judicial institutions. However, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing to see there. For example, the Plein is a wonderful historical square with many great buildings and charming cafes and shops established in the area. Many museums are open to the public a well. Hague is a superb destination for bike tours around the numerous excellent green parks and the streets of the city.

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