Greek People

A few of the regions that Greek people inhabit are Greece, Cyprus, and Anatolia, but their influence is much broader than that. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle were all of Greek origin and have contributed a great deal to the world we live in now. In ancient Greek times, many battles ensued between kingdoms and tribes and factions, but one thing that united all of the Greek people is the Olympic Games. Greek people of years past were true believers in Zeus and Hera and the rest of the Greek gods, but in recent times those beliefs have fallen to the wayside. In fact, many of the Greek people today are members of the Greek Orthodox Church. There are those who are Muslim, Jews, and Roman Catholics as well.

Greek People

Greek People (credit)

Greek people of modern day do not walk around Greece in tunics and sandals; they are highly indistinguishable with every other type of person. Wedding traditions could include the father of the bride blessing the marriage bed with a monetary gift. Many of the weddings today still incorporate wedding crowns – actual crowns or just wreaths made of flowers. And once vows have been exchanged and music starts, the dance moves break out. The Greeks know how to celebrate!


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