Great Wall of China – A Testament to the Human Will

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

If there’s ever proof of the force behind human willpower, it’s the Great Wall of China. Three dynasties saw to its construction: the Qin, the Han and the Ming. The Wall served as an intimidating barrier against their foes, the Quing dynasty.

Stretching for 2400 kms, you’ll see the Wall isn’t built after leveling the hillocks beneath it. It follows the landscape, with hardly any alterations. That, in itself, is the impossible being proven otherwise. Great Wall of China is one of the wonders of the world. Check out other wonders of the world.

Walking on this wonder makes for an unforgettable experience. Beijing is the best starting point. If you wish to avoid crowds, don’t plan on seeing the Wall in the weekends. The views, of course, are stunning. They bring out the vastness, variety and stark beauty of the Chinese landscape. Early morning and late afternoon are ideal times to snap away at your camera.

Hiking the Great Wall of China

Hiking the Great Wall of China

Hiking the Great Wall of China

There are hiking opportunities here. Choose to hike in late March, April, May, June, September, October and early November. Most people don’t realize that the Great Wall is built in sections. After all, a handful of different dynasties built it over the decades. They added their own personal touches, each of which is worth checking out.

Badaling is by far the best Wall section of all. What makes it accessible is its nearness to Beijing city, and it’s also easy to climb. Being renovated more times than the other sections and maintained well as a consequence, Badaling has grand photo-worthy sights. Take the Beijing Highlights tour and you’ll see Badaling in a new light.

Mutianyu should be next on your list. During fall and summer, you can see some of the best sights, especially the lush forest cover and how beautifully the leaves change color according to the seasons. Opt for the One Day Luxury Tour to fully appreciate this section.

Next, we’re off to Simatai. It’s very adventure-inspiring primarily because its ancient nature is still there to see, from ruins to broken towers and such like. It can be a bit exhausting to look around here, so if you’re not up to the task it’s best not to head to Simitai.

Jinshanling – It’s quite steep and therefore not for everybody. However, if you want to see how naturally ancient the Wall is, this is the section to go to.

November to April is the cold season, while it’s hotter during other times. Pack adequate food and drink and also wear appropriate clothing. Shoes will be your best ally here, so opt for trainers or running shoes.

Early morning is the best time to avoid crowds. Also, there are taxis that can get you here on time from Beijing. Learn the culture before you arrive, take plenty of photos and feel with your own hands the antiquity, grace, strength and elegance of the Great Wall of China.

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