Great Barrier Reef Animals – A Look into Abundant Variety

In the largest coral reef in the world, Great Barrier Reef, you’re sure to find a plethora of amazing animal species. The corals are the first thing you’ll look for, because of the obvious. They aren’t plants, per se, but fall into the animal category.

Animals in the Great Barrier Reef

Manta Ray of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Manta Ray of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Over 600 species of echinoderms and above 1500 species of sponges are part of this ecosystem, making the Great Barrier Reef overflow with life. 6 species of sea turtles and 17 sea snakes species are here as well, like the loggerhead turtle, hawksbill turtle, flatback turtle, leatherback turtle and the Pacific ridley turtle and the infamous green turtle and the venomous olive sea snake, the turtle-headed sea snake and the sea krait.

Corals like bottlebrush, bubble, brain, mushroom, staghorn and more can be found here. Damselfish, wrasses and tuskfish, manta rays, tiger sharks and whale sharks aren’t out of the equation, so prepare to be wowed. You can find cowfish, pufferfish, angelfish, hawkfish and surgeonfish, coral trout, seahorses and several others here. You’ll feel like you’ve entered the largest aquarium ever! If you don’t have an underwater camera then you can buy or rent them here. Get one and get started.

From the bird life to the marine life, you’ll find immense variety and beauty in the Barrier Reef ecosystem, where the sights are more than one person can handle without being pumped full of joy, thrills and gladness that you came to check this place out.

From cruises, outback tours, day trips, ballooning and rainforest tours and diving opportunities, you can find all this and a handful more here in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. You’d be surprised to know that a free means of enjoying one of the locations here is readily available.

If Hamilton Island is on your mind, you can get free audio tours to two superb spots there. There’s the Village Trail, where you can learn the history of the island and then there’s the Passage Peak Walk where you’ll be guided through the animal and plant life.

These audio tours make it all worthwhile, because despite being free they add so much to the Barrier Reef experience. Find them in English, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian and Japanese, download them into your smart-phone using the free wi-fi at the Resort and other places and have fun. You can even pick up ready-to-borrow ones at the tour desk.

Pack good-quality swim wear. Dive suits and such will be available there, so no worries. Get your sunscreen and anything you feel you’ll need on the trip. There are over 1500 species of fish that can only be found in the Reef, so the thrills are endless. Add 2,900 coral reefs to the mental image and you can see what all the hype is about.


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