Gran Cenote – Tulum, Mexico

Ranked #4 in Cenote – Nature’s Best Swimming Pools. Gran Cenote (meaning Grand Cenote) is the biggest of all the cenotes in the Yucatan region of Mexico and hence the name. Gran Cenote is a popular diving and swimming site among locals and tourists alike. The cenote is 10 meters deep and a dive to the depths can take close to an hour. You find find turtles, fish and other  aquatic life forms in the water. The most popular of these water bodies is Cenote Ik Kil which can be found near Chichen Itza.

Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote

The cenote is great for swimming or diving. You are also provided with change area, bathrooms and a restaurant. (credit). Opening Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM 

Gran Cenote Location

The Gran Cenote is located in Coba. You can get there from  Tulum by travelling 2 plus miles on the road to the Mayan historical ruins of Coba. It is easily accessible by road. Diving gear is available on the spot, but is not cheap. Estimated cost is $120 pesos for snorkelers, $200 pesos for divers. 

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