Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle for sure has earned all the flattering titles it has received. They even say it is the most beautiful castle one can find in Scotland. Since the concept of beauty can be rather subjective you cannot be sure about it unless you go there and see the place on your own, right? Well, it is strongly advised especially if you are fond of historical sites of high importance. With more than 600 years old history it surely has some exciting stories (and even some myths and legends!) to reveal for everyone who is ready to explore and find out more!

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle (credit)

Glamis Castle History

As mentioned, the history of Glamis Castle dates back several centuries ago and therefore its “life” has been more than just eventful. In 14th century the castle was built and granted to Sir John Lyon. Ever since then the castle had been the property of the Lyon family yet the family members were the ones to bring different twists in its history for example the wife of John Lyon, 6th Lord Glamis was accused of poisoning her husband and, in fact, was burned alive as a punishment for the murder.

In 17th century the west wing of the structure and north-east wing with the chapel were added. In the 18th century the area was landscaped yet not so long after that the place was demolished. In the 18th century it was in a pretty bad state and needed serious renovation. In 1900 a historically important person was born in Glamis castle – Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Not only it was the birthplace of hers but the place where she spent many years of her childhood and gave birth to the daughter Princess Margaret.

The tower of Glamis Castle

The tower of Glamis Castle (credit)

Glamis Castle Legends

Several legends and tales surround the castle. One tells us about the Monster of Glamis – a crippled child, who had been born in the castle and spent whole of his life just there. Another is related to so called “Earl Beardy” – one of the lords, who was so passionate about playing cards that once challenged devil himself to play with him. The legend claims that actually a man embodying the devil appeared and eventually took the soul of Earl Beardy.

The castle is open for organizing different type of events and festivities – weddings, private receptions, musical evening, product launches etc. Of course, this is exclusive and suited for VIPs mostly.

Glamis Castle Tour

The ticket prices vary from £10.00 to £44.00 depending on how much of the property you are willing to see. The castle is way more than just a resplendent building. The complex includes beautiful gardens, great artwork and even archive for those who are particularly interested in the history of Glamis Castle!

Glamis Castle, Scotland

Glamis Castle, Scotland (credit)

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