Gir Forest – Home to Lions in India

Sasan Gir, Gir forest Lion - The Asian Lion

Sasan Gir, Gir forest Lion – The Asian Lion

Gir Forest National Park is a popular excursions spot from Junagadh. This park is often visited by the tourists. Home to many lions the wild reserve has a special place among national parks in India. Located in the south western region of Gujarat, a state in India. Interestingly it is known among the localities in Junagadh as Sasan-Gir. With a total land area of  1412 square kms the park is not the biggest in India, but those who know about it or come to the city of Junagadh find it a great Indian wildlife attraction. It is a perfect place for nature and animal lovers.

Gir Forest Wildlife, Birds & Flora

The main attraction of the The Gir National Park is Asiatic lions. The dwindling number of lions has resulted in Gir being classified as a protected area. Compared to the African lions the Asiatic lions are smaller in size and so also its mane. However, a large male lion of the Gir is definitely majestic to look at. The best time to observe the great cats are at dawn and dusK.  in their natural environment.

Female Lions in Gir Forest - Sasan Gir

Female Lions in Gir Forest – Sasan Gir

In addition to the Asian Lion other wild animals in the national park include deer, spotted deer, leopards, sambar, , antelopes, gazelles, monkeys, wild boars, jackals, langurs (a form of Indian monkey) and hyenas and many more. Wildlife viewing in the Gir is best done, by driving around the forest.

The maintenance of Gir is in the hands of Government forest department, with helping hand from wild life activists and NGOs. They include the locals in maintaining the Gir ecosystem. Apart from wild animals the forest also has range of birds such as the eagles, paradise flycatchers, flamingos, woodpeckers, crested serpent eagles and the beautiful wild parrots.

The trees, flowers and vegetations in the forest not only help to maintain the ecosystem it adds to the natural beauty of the forest. The first is the Teak forest of Gir and nearly half of the protected area occupies this kind of a habitat. There is a vegetation belt near the major streams and rivers. It is a paradise in the middle of the forest.

Gir Forest & its Seasons

Gir Forest, Sasan Gir - Dear in the wild

Gir Forest, Sasan Gir – Dear in the wild

The main three seasons are summer, winter and monsoon, the longest stretch being summer. The temperature ranges between 10ºC (rather cold by Indian standards) to nearly 45ºC. Hottest months are April and May and monsoon period from June and September.

Visiting Sasan Gir

Best time to visit Is The Gir Forest is between December and March

Nearby Cities

  • Distance from Junagadh is approximately 60 km
  • Distance Veraval from is approximately 50 km

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