German People

At first glance, German people may appear standoffish and uninterested, but they simply hold in high esteem order, reliability, and professionalism. Particularly in the world of business, German people have a goal for planning perfection, whether it is meetings, luncheons, or the like. They want to do a good job with no errors or disrespect for the other party. Because of this innate nature, others who do not understand German people could misinterpret their endeavor to keep things precise.

German People

German People (credit)

German people have good etiquette instilled in them. From table manners to how they should address people to how they should treat a lady and enter a building with her. Because Germans are so on point with everything, they seldom deviate from these customs. German people are so keen on not dishonoring others that, when it comes to eating a meal, it is frowned upon to leave any remains on the plate.

The language in Germany lends itself to two categories of German – High German and Low German. The difference between the two dialects is the consonant sounds. High German, also known as Standard German, is the official written language. In Germany, it is custom for those who are married to wear their wedding rings on their right ring finger to symbolize their commitment.


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