French People

As with a number of other cultures, French people enjoy being around family and like to include quality time with the entire household during their meal times. Desserts such as crème brûlée and eclairs are mastered by the French and cheeses are famous as well.

French People

French People (credit)

French, which is a derivative of Latin, is the widespread language spoken by the people of France, and it is considered to be a romance language. With romance being synonymous with the language, it’s no surprise that wine also comes to mind when thought of French people. In the past it has been popularly noticed that the majority of French people drank wine with at least half of their daily meals, but in recent times the amount of wine consumed has dropped considerably.

The people in France are overall Catholic, but one can find Buddhists, Muslims, Orthodox Christians, and Jews. All of the aforementioned religions have a large enough population to notice them.

One of the most prominent dates in French history is July 14, 1789. It is a celebration with fireworks, parades, and the like that takes place every fourteenth of July. It is a remembrance of when the people of France assaulted the Bastille, a prison, and the ramifications of their deeds sparked the Declaration of Human and Civil Rights.


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