Foul Bay, Barbados

Foul Bay, Barbados

Foul Bay, Barbados (credit)

Foul Bay is one of the most isolated and unspoiled beaches you will ever find in Barbados. Situated in the south-east coast of Barbados, Foul Bay is a superb destination for those who are looking for a peaceful rest by the scenic seaside, surrounded by the palm trees.

Foul Bay Beach Attractions

Since there are not too many hotels around the beach and no restaurants as well, Foul Bay is also less crowded with tourists. You can simply relax and enjoy the site, have a nice picnic with your family or do some diving or body-surfing (swimming is not advised in the waters of Foul Bay and there are no guards in the area). In this amazing tranquility, you might even manage to observe some turtles hatching.

Foul Bay Beach

Foul Bay Beach (credit)

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