Fjords of Norway

Fjords of Norway - Sognefjord

Fjords of Norway – Sognefjord

Already for a long time Norway has astonished everyone with the beauty and power of its nature. As a land in the North formed by mountains, Norway is the right destination for those who dream of unforgettable sceneries, a little bit harsh but at the same time attractive places, small, remote villages and unique culture. Nature, including fjords, is the main tourists’ attraction in Norway and there are no doubts that it is for great reasons.

Describing in a simplified way, fjords are long, narrow inlets. Their coasts are very abrupt and rocky and altogether they form incredibly beautiful sights to enjoy. If you want to experience the fjords of Norway, you must visit the Western part of the country or as it is called – Fjord Norway.

Best Fjords of Norway

204 kilometers long Sognefjord, which is the longest and deepest of all the fjords in Norway, is situated in the Southern part of the country. One way how to shift in Sognefjord is by going on some of the Fjord cruises which will introduce you with the most scenic parts of the site. If you are not afraid of the cold weather, it is highly recommended to visit Sognefjord area on the wintertime when the scenery is particularly amazing – just imagine driving on a boat and seeing frozen waterfalls, magnificent mountains and small, blissful farming houses located on the mountainsides. The tourism offer of the Sofnefjord area is very diverse and it includes fjord safaris, Stegastein Viewpoint, kayaking, hiking, cycling and many other activities.

Cruise - Fjords of Norway

Cruise – Fjords of Norway

While visiting Nordfjord, which is located in the northern part, you can take part in some of the most thrilling activities such as hiking and skiing in Skåla, which is the highest mountain in Norway, and fjord rafting. The two most known glaciers in Nordfjord are Jostedalsbreen and Briksdalsbreen. But those are not the only impressive sites there. Reaching the depth of 612 meters, Lake Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest lake in Norway.

Nordfjord - Norway Fjord

Nordfjord – Norway Fjord

Lysefjord in the southern part of Fjord Norway is a great site for sightseeing. It is particularly famous for its Kjeragbolten – a solid rock which has wedged in the mountain chink. The bravest ones can get on the rock to take some memorable pictures, but it is, in fact, safer than it seems – the rock itself is rather wide and stable, and no one has ever fallen off of it. Lysevegen Road is also a nice place to explore. An ancient rock carvings and prehistoric village of Landa can be observed there.

Lysefjord - Norway Fjord

Lysefjord – Norway Fjord

Some other particularly remarkable fjords to visit are the Romsdalsfjord, the Geirangerfjord, and the Hardangerfjord.

It is actually rather difficult to describe the exclusivity of the fjords in Norway. The only way to sense the magnificence and beauty of the Norway nature is by going there. And the outcome of your trip is just up to you. You can go extreme or chose safer ways but the main point is always the same – fjords in Norway are something truly beautiful that cannot be erased from the memory that easily.

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