Fire Tornado, Fire Whirl Captured on Video, Photos

Fire Tornado” or “Fire Whirl” occurs when a normal tornado combines with wildfire creating a swirling mass of fire that can stretch up to a few 100 feet into air. As dangerous as it seems  its been a hard phenomenon to catch on video. Luckily we have compiled a list of the most amazing fire tornadoes captured on video so far.

Biggest Fire Tornado (Video) – Australia

The longest recording of a Fire Tornado was recently found in Australia (in September 2012). It was recorded by Chris Tangey who was travelling in Australia to looking for movie locations for an upcoming film.

Last time a large fire tornado or fire whirl was found in Australia was in 2003, when bush fire in Canberra went out of control in the dry grasslands. This is reportedly the largest fire tornado with dimensions of  500 metres in diameter and winds over 200 km/h.

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