Fijian People

A few of the religions that the Fijian people account for are Methodist, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim. The official languages for Fiji are Fijian, English, and Hindi. Beyond religion and language, there is even more variety in Fiji when considering the different ethnic groups – Fijians, Indo-Fijians, and Euro-Fijians are among the most influential. Indians, Chinese, and a few others are also present. And amidst all of this diversity, there is harmonious living.

Fijian People

Fijian People (credit)

Fijian people are very carefree and easy to respect. They gladly give of what they have and can arguably be one of the friendliest people in the entire world. They are very curious and ask people they don’t know many personal questions that many not from Fiji would think it too soon to ask. But Fijian people show genuine interest and are very trusting, offering a place to sleep to strangers.

Fijian people love music and during Meke – which is a cultural ceremony – many percussion instruments are used. The dancers wear boas of flowers and the men are in their warrior costumes, moving to the sound of the beat. The music played tells the stories that Fijian people are intrigued by – stories of love, legends, and their history.


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