Famous Places in Rome

An amazing culture heritage is what attracts millions of tourists to Rome (the capital of Italy) every year. Some of the most renowned objects from ancient times and the Renaissance are situated and they must be seen when visiting the city.

Trevi Fountain - One of the most famous places in Rome

Trevi Fountain – One of the most famous places in Rome

4 Most Famous Places in Rome

The Coliseum is probably the most famous one. Built in 70 AD this place, which once was as an arena for fights of the gladiators and spot for mass entertainment, still stands in the capital as a symbol of once magnificent and powerful empire. Since the rocks of the amphitheaters were used for construction of other ones during medieval times, the Coliseum is now under construction, but still is open to the visitors of the city. Read more about Coliseum here.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Trevi Fountain. To be honest, tourists are there nearly all the time, throwing coins into the fountain to make sure they will return to Rome again, so it is pretty crowded there. The fountain depicting ancient story about Trivia discovering spring was designed in 1732 by Nicolo Salvi.

Amazing proof of the power of Catholic Church and Renaissance architecture and art is St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Built from 15th to 17th century, its reconstruction was lead by some of Renaissance’s most famous architectures, including Bramante and Michelangelo. Inside some impressive artwork can be found, for example, Michelangelo’s Pieta.
The basilica is accessible from St. Peter’s Square. Approximately 8 million tourists visit this place every year. The elliptical colonnade was constructed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1656, but the Egyptian obelisk in the center of the square was built during the dynasty of Ramzes II and was brought to Rome in 47 BC. As one of the most sacred sites, it is often visited by the Christians and is among must-see places when visiting Rome.

St Peter's Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica

Among numerous evidence of once blooming Roman Empire one is especially well preserved and impressive. The Roman Pantheon used to be the temple for the ancient gods. Built in around 12 AD, it shows a great example of the unbelievable harmony the Romans were able to put in their buildings, especially its dome that is in a shape of a perfect hemisphere. It stuns with its impressive interior and several tombs, for example, Raphael’s tomb can be found inside.

Visiting Rome is like a time travel to various centuries and these are only five most acknowledged sites that can be found when visiting this amazing monument of once rich ancient empire and the faith of the mankind.

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