Famous Places in London

London has been a major cultural and political center of England throughout the centuries. Nowadays it has become a massive, blooming, multi-cultural area that still maintains its unique features. As the largest city and the capital of the UK, London is truly popular among tourists and some of its objects have in a way become a symbol of the city and the British culture. Some of the most famous places in London are listed below.

Big Ben - Most Famous Place in London

Big Ben – Most Famous Place in London

5 Most Famous Places in London

#1. Number one symbol of London is Big Ben – a clock tower located at the end of the Houses of Parliament. Built in 1858 it has now become a typical object of London. Every film will include Big Ben in its shots to show that the actions take place in London.

#2. Another international synonymous of London are the towers of the Tower Bridge, built from 1886 to 1894. Visitors of the city can take a tour in the towers for information about them or just to enjoy the view across the River Thames.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

#3.  Houses of the Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, are another famous historical buildings in London. The history of a royal palace in the area dates back to the 11th century, but the complex was destroyed by the fire several times throughout the history. The exterior of the Palace has gained its recognition worldwide, it can be found in paintings of a famous impressionist painter Claude Monet and is very popular among tourists who can have guided tours there.

Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster (credit)

#4. Iconic symbol of the parliamentarianism in the UK is Downing Street 10. Since 1735 it has been a home of the British prime-ministers. The famous black door is strictly guarded and tourists can only see it through iron gates even though there used to be times when every citizen of London could have greeted their PM in the morning.

Downing Street 10, where the Prime Minister Lives.

Downing Street 10, where the Prime Minister Lives.

#5. London is typically rich in its historical heritage. However, there is also one truly modern and really popular object in the city. The London Eye is the largest observation wheel in the world and was constructed in 2000 for celebration of the new millennium. Just like the Eiffel Tower, it was supposed to be a one-year project. However, due to its popularity, The London Eye will be a part of the panorama of the city for at least 20 more years. The view from the wheel gives you the opportunity to see the landmarks of the city as far as 25 miles if the day is clear.

London Eye

London Eye (credit)

There are many other famous objects in London like St. Paul’s Cathedral or Nelson’s Column and they are all playing a major role in creating the image of the city.

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