Famous Places in India

India is a major player in the tourism market. Last year, approximately 6 million tourists visited this extraordinary land. Its unique culture and nature is what attracts visitors from all over the globe. Some of the famous places in India are listed below.

5 Most Famous Places in India

India’s most popular site is Taj-Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Emperor Shah Jahan built it from 1631 to 1653 to honor his wife. It is one of the world’s most famous pieces of architecture as it combines several styles and stuns each of its visitors with the magnificence of this proof of man’s love. Usually, the Taj-Mahal is visited by someway 3 million people each year. Read more about Taj Mahal here.

Taj Mahal Agra India

Taj Mahal Agra India

Jaipur City - One of the most famous places in India

Jaipur City – One of the most famous places in India

Jaipur, also referred as the Pink City is also among most popular tourist destinations. It is famous for its monuments, forts and temples (Amber Fort, Statue Circle, Hawa Mahal, Birla Temple, Moti Dungri and many others), which makes it particularly interesting site for its visitors. Also, some of the world’s best quality hotels are situated there. If being there on the right time, guests have a great chance to see some of the gorgeous festivals e.g. Gangaur Festival, Elephant Festival, Teej Festival and Kite Festival.

Anjuna Beach - Goa

Anjuna Beach – Goa


Beaches are always where the tourists flock. In India’s case, it’s Goa. It is a perfect place for relaxation since it offers both wide entertainment possibilities as well as tranquility, and that is why over three million people each year choose to visit this place. The numbers of tourists are growing and hence more and more hotels, restaurants etc. are being open there.

Another stunning landscape can be observed in Kashmir. This region has gained its reputation as the Paradise on Earth. Blooming fields, snow-capped mountains, lakes and rivers is what makes this place so unbelievably beautiful and stunning. Read more about Kashmir Valley here.



Kanyakumari is a place famous for its unforgettable sunrises and sunsets which have gained a wide interest from the tourists. Since it’s a place of a confluence of three oceans, the sunrises and sunsets are more extraordinary than anywhere else. During full moon evening both sunset and the moon-rise is visible when looking at the both sides of the horizon.

India undoubtedly has lots to offer since it is rich in culture and nature and those mentioned above are just some of the remarkable spots to be named. Therefore it is rather difficult to include all the main sightseeing highlights in one trip and if you have fallen in love with this country and its people you might want to return more than once.

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