Ellesmere Island, Canada

In general, there are two types of travelers. There are ones, who enjoy mass tourism – chic hotels, restaurants, lying in the beach, relishing the luxury and entertainment. And there is the other part – people, who adore constant challenges, rough conditions, remote destinations and fully being in the nature, while admiring its power and beauty. This is not the article to criticize the first ones, instead to get the attention of the second ones, who might be interested in visiting Ellesmere Island in Canada– an incredible place far up in the north.

Ellesmere Island

Ellesmere Island

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Ellesmere Island Trivia

So what’s so special about this place? Well, the answer is simple. It is known to be the most northerly point of Canada. As it would not be enough, it is also the tenth largest island in the world and the third largest in Canada. Major part of the island is covered with glaciers and ice, however even larger part of it is occupied by the Cordillera mountain system thus it is also the most mountainous of all the islands you will find in Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Ellesmere Island Expedition

Ellesmere Island Expedition – photo credit

Barely any people inhabit the area and the last statistical data that were obtained in 2006 claims that the population of the whole island at that time was 146 (the largest community there lives in the place called Gise Fiord). No wonder. It’s the place of the contrasts.

Almost half of the year the island is wrapped in complete darkness, while during the other half of the year you will not experience any dark minute in the night. In the winter time the temperature bar can drop down to even -45C, which is unbearable temperature for the majority of the people, but during the summer time the situation is radically different and the air can heat up to +21C .

Ellesmere Island Travel

The island is suited for those, who like to explore and who are not afraid of new challenges. Go hiking, gaze at the glaciers, discover the archaeological sites and appreciate the silence. There are not many places like this in the world and, if you ever have a chance to go to Ellesmere Island, certainly do not let it pass you by – it is a once in a lifetime opportunity since Ellesmere Island is a truly rare site majority of tourists do not have courage to land on.

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