Eldoret, Kenya

Eldoret is the fastest growing town in Kenya, set in the verdant landscape south of the Cherangani Hills. Kenya is one of those African paradises where almost everything you see has the touch of natural beauty still unrevoked by encroaching modernity. Being the administrative center of Uasin Gishu District of the Rift Valley Province makes it even more ideal because you can find modern lodgings, amenities and more to make your stay here worthwhile.

Eldoret - Kit Mikayi

Eldoret – Kit Mikayi

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The town’s name comes from the Maasai word ‘eldore’ meaning ‘stony river’. You’ll find an exact parallel in the very source of this inspiration, River Sosiani. The cultural influences hereabouts are varied. After all, the Nandi, Maasai and Sirikwa peoples called this place home over a period of differing times.

Eldoret Attractions

In addition to myriad farms and wide-open landscapes, you’ll find this major tourist destination is settled by South Africans speaking the ancient Afrikaans tongue. There’s a rail line from Kibigori to Uganda to help get you here by that means. Since 1933, there’s been a small but active airport as well.

You can’t come to Africa and hope not to see the wildlife. Some of the most unique species thrive here and you can see one of them in numbers inside the Kisimu Impala Sanctuary. When the rail-line came along, plenty of impala roamed the area until hunting for food decimated their numbers. This small sanctuary—0.4 square km. of marsh, forest and grassland—is now home to a moderate population of impalas as well as to some troublesome animals captured and allowed to thrive in a safe habitat instead of being culled.

Kit Mikayi is the name given to a rock formation, also called a tor, standing at 40 meters and to the west of Kisimu town. The Luo-Kakello clan lives nearby and they hold this place spiritually significant. Many a legend rests behind this tor, and the scenic look of the place is a stunner.

The Kisimu Harbor and Museum are two locations you simply must check out. While the harbor still hosts Lake Victoria ferries on which a ride will prove just how amazing the experience can get, the museum possesses several outdoor pavilions holding live animals comprising myriad species, and other displays where weaponry, jewelry, tools and other artifacts are showcased.

The Kerio River may not be as imposing as you may have expected, but its significance in the region is beyond dispute. It flows toward the north and into Lake Turkana. Finding its origin at the equator, this is also one of the longest rivers in all of Kenya.

Eldoret Kakamega Forest

The Kakamega Forest is a sight for sore eyes. It’s hot here too, so don’t think the Kenya clime will go easy on you because of all the foliage, but the very location and the experiences it promises are nothing short of mystical. Spreading near the Ugandan border, the reserves in here host forestry that grows on 230 square kilometers of land with unique highland ecosystems and a laxity of large mammals which it more than makes up for with other life forms that add to Eldoret’s one-of-a-kind beauty.

Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest

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