El Quseir, Egypt – A Resort Holiday In Ancient City

The 5000-year old Egyptian city of El Quseir sits along the Red Sea. It’s quite close to the Nile, making it an important city in ancient times, even getting itself named White Harbor in the Ptolemaic era.

El Quseir, Egypt

El Quseir, Egypt

El Quseir Resorts & Tourism

What’s surprising is how well modernity has immersed itself in the mix of past glories. The veritable resort-like appeal here is what makes El Quseir beloved among tourists. Some of the best hotels to check into are Mangrove Bay, where proximity to the beach and the scenic views are prime reasons. Then there’s the Akassia Swiss Resort to check out, as also the fabulous Moevenpick Resort and Flamenco Resort.

Flamenco Resort El Quseir Egypt

Flamenco Resort El Quseir Egypt

Egyptian food has its own style and the flavors practically explode in your mouth. This is ample reason to dine at Samakino and El Ferdos Fish Restaurant. The next thing you must turn your eye to is the diving scene. Such sublime experiences await you in this regard here at El Quseir.

The Pharaoh Dive Club is known to afford you some of the finest opportunities to see and appreciate some underwater thrills. Diving el Flamenco is a nice company to opt for. They have friendly staff and some great advice too. Other options include SUBEX Diving Center and TGI Diving International.

El Quseir beach Egypt

El Quseir beach Egypt

The coast hosts mangrove swamps, untouched and beautiful; yes, it’s possible for swamps to look good here, if you’re an avid explorer.

El Quseir History

The history behind the place is obviously an extensive one, seeing how old El Quseir is. From the pharaohs to Queen Hatshepsut, you can learn a lot merely exploring this city. Like how the above-mentioned Queen Hatshepsut left on an expedition to the then-mysterious land of Punt in Africa. This was such an infamous event it’s depicted in the relics at Luxor, specifically in the Deir el-Bahri temple.

Deir el-Bahari temple Egypt

Deir el-Bahri temple Egypt

It won’t be easy to miss Sultan Selim’s 16th century fortress, standing right in the center of town. This offers enough proof as to how strategically essential the city of El Quseir was. Seeing as how this is a Muslim city, then and now, El Quseir was a pass-point for pilgrims on their way to Mecca. With a route this prominent, you’ll learn it was also a trade route for spices going from India to Britain.

There’s so much to this city you may not at first notice it on arriving. But pretty soon, the sights, sounds, tastes and more besides will open you to a world of possibilities. The beaches aren’t merely that, there are bays and coves to check out that look so pristine and natural you’d be surprised they exist on the shoreline of a city that’s been dancing with civilization for about 5000 years.

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