Egyptian People

Many travelers find Egypt to be a nice and pleasant travel destination and of course, as it is with most of the places, you should be aware of some specifics of the local behavior. Moreover, since Egypt is an Arabic country, some traditions and beliefs might seem unusual to you but, if you know them, it is much easier to deal with it in an appropriate way and avoid being seen as a disrespectful foreigner by the locals.

Egyptian People

Egyptian People (credit)

Major part of the total population of Egypt lives in the largest cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, so if traveling around the country prepare to see the big contrast between these bustling cities and tranquil villages. Most of the Egyptian people are very religious and follow all the rules set by the Islam, so for example during the weekends you will not see as much drunk guys or fights as you would expect in some big European cities. It is also one of the reasons, why crime rate is comparatively low in Egypt. The punishments are very strict and it is very rare that one crosses this line.

However, some things Egyptian people do and believe could seem rather unfair from the perspective of a guest from a Western culture and one of them is attitude towards women. Of course, as just a tourist you probably will not see this aspect from all the angles, but Egyptian men are known for being rather huge machos. Though, most of the women are used to dealing with the majority of tasks and never being even given a chance to properly get into any discussions, so once again – if you see this going on, there is probably nothing much you can change about it and it is not even necessary since this strongly relates with their culture and traditions that are hundreds of years old.

In their communication Egyptian people are quite honest, they will want to stand close to you and see that you are open and true about your words. This can also be observed in various usual situations, i.e. if you are at the theater, which is almost empty, the Egyptian person will sit next to you anyway. It does not mean that he or she has some particular intentions, it is just their natural behavior and they will always want to be as close to the others as possible.

Be friendly, observe their behavior and what is the most important – respect the Islamic religion.


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