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Egypt is a country that has a lot of history buried in its lands. Artefacts that represent the peak of Egyptian civilization, tombs of the great pharaoh, temples of the powerful gods are all spectacles that await the curious traveller. While 2011 saw the Egypt uprising (a revolution against the ruling regime); the overall appeal for tourism remains as eternal as the stories the land tells.


Egypt Tourism – Top 10 Best Places to Visit Egyptian People
Egypt Facts Travel Tips

Egypt: Best Places to Visit

Luxor Cairo Alexandria
Luxor#1 in places to
visit in Egypt
Cairo#2 in places to
visit in Egypt
Alexandria#3 in places to
visit in Egypt

Egypt: Top Attractions

Pyramids of Giza
Karnak Temple


Abu Simbel
Port Said


Great Sphinx of Giza
Valley of the Kings


Dahshur Pyramids


Egyptian Museum


Egypt: Other Attractions

Deir el-Medina Nile River El Quseir Tanta
Al Fayoum Taba Suez Nabq Bay
Safaga Aswan El Gouna Hurghada

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