Easter Island

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Easter Island is probably one of the most mythical destinations in the world. Although, it has been widely explored, there are still many unsolved mysteries that form the unusual ambience of the place, which, of course, every year attracts large number of tourists.

Easter Island Moai Stone Statues

Easter Island Moai Stone Statues

Where is Easter Island

Eastern Island is known to be the most remote island in the Pacific Ocean and indeed, when arriving there, you cannot stop having a sense that you are on the edge of the world. Today the island belongs to Chile and the major part of it is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

If speaking about the etymology, many probably still do not know why the island has such a name. The answer is, in fact, very simple. In 1772 on the Easter day a team of Dutch seafarers led by Jacob Roggeveen were the first ones to arrive on this island and start the first explorations. Though, it is not the only name of it; there are some other much older versions such as Rapanui and Te-Pitoote-Henoa.

Easter Island Moai

Easter Island Moai Stone Statues at Night

Easter Island Moai Stone Statues at Night

Of course, the most common association, when mentioning Eastern Island, is its magnificent rock sculptures called Moai. The pictures of these unique statues can be seen on the covers of many publications, magazines, travel guides, books etc. The figures have been created quite long time ago – in the period from 1250 to 1500. There are about 900 of these statues and actually not all of them are the same. Though, the majority of them are undoubtedly impressive, since the average height of these figures is approximately 4 meters.

These monolith statues have rather staid, homogeneous face expressions, but not everyone knows that originally Moai statues had eyes made from white-stone. Also, majority finds it odd, that these statues do not have full bodies. However, some researches and archaeological work prove that large part of the figures is just buried under the ground concealing great part of the statues.

Scientists still have some unanswered questions and the most popular one is about the transportation of such huge and heavy formations. There have been many versions and experiments related to it and the latest researches claim that Moais were moved with ropes, swinging them back and forth.

Though, when visiting Easter Island, do not confine yourself to just this one sightseeing highlight. There is a great variety of tourism offer on the island e.g. beautiful beaches, caves, volcanoes, as well as different leisure activities – scuba diving, surfing, cycling are just some to be named.

Visitation of Easter Island is certainly a must thing to do, since there still are lots of unsolved questions, which means that this place can only get more and more interesting to its guests.

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